The Best Value-Adding Home Renovations

The Best Value-Adding Home Renovations

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re not just renovating your home to improve its aesthetic. You probably want to boost its value too, ensuring you’ll get top-dollar for the home once you decide to sell later on down the line.

But like anything, not all renovations are created equal. And while some projects can certainly add value and help you fetch a higher selling price, some can actually hurt it – detracting for your property’s marketability on the whole.

Want to make sure your home renovations are worth the time and money you’re putting into them? Here are the top value-adding renos you’ll want to focus on:

Minor bathroom remodels

According to HGTV, you’ll actually get your money back and then some with this home project. Focus on updating the fixtures, tubs, flooring and backsplash, and add smart technology when and where you can.

Landscaping and xeriscaping

Great curb appeal can’t be denied. Funnel your reno budget toward re-doing your lawn, adding low-maintenance flower and shrub beds, trees and decorative rocks. You can even fully xeriscape, depending on your climate and locale.

Kitchen upgrades

You don’t need to re-do the entire kitchen to make an impact. Upgrade the appliances, cabinets and sink, add a new coat of paint and a subway tile backsplash, and your remodel can add both aesthetic appeal and a higher dollar value in one fell swoop.

Energy-efficient additions

Upgrading to more energy efficient windows, doors, insulation, ducting or other items can deliver returns both now and in the future, lowering your energy bills and making the home more appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

Exterior paint and siding

A quick and easy way to up your curb appeal as well as your value, paint and siding projects are both fast and affordable. You may even be able to DIY them if you’re the handy type.

Renos are on the Rise

According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies, renovation spending is going to increase this year. If you’re joining the reno movement, just make sure you’re spending that cash in the right place.

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